At the beginning of each turn, a player is given several choices:

The Compass - The compass is in the lower right corner of the Phantasia screen and is the easiest way to move about. Clicking one of the headings will move you one full turn of movement in that direction.

Move - Use this command to move to specific realm coordinates. Specific coordinates must be within one turn of movement.

Rest - Resting lets your character regain maximum energy level, and also enables you to find mana (more can be found by higher level characters and at further distances from the origin).

Info - The info button brings up a submenu offering information on yourself, other players and the realm. Items in the submenu are listed below under "Info -> Menu Item".

Info -> Stats - The stats option shows full characteristics and equipment of a player. This is equivelent to examining yourself.

Info -> Examine - Pulls up the full attributes and equipment of another player. Although the examine window can be left up while playing, the information does not update.

Info -> Players - A player may see who else is playing by using the players option. One may see the coordinates of non-cloaked characters who are the same distance or closer to the origin as he/she. Kings and members of the council of the wise can be seen by everyone. A player with a palantir can see the coordinates of almost everyone.

Info -> Channel - Allows the player to change the channel their chat system is tuned to.

Hunt - Track down a monster and enter combat. This command adds a small amount of sin.

Quit - This button will quit the game and save your character away.

Several other options become available as the player progresses in level and magic, or to other stations in the game (valar, council of the wise, king or steward). These are described elsewhere.