Firstly let it be known that Phantasia does not require donations or enforce donations for premium items. Phantasia is free, and will always be so. Also giving a donation is considered a nice favor, and that is it. We will thank you and appreciate the gift, but you will not be treated any differently because you have donated and others have not. Any premium items coded into this game shall always be free to all members. You donating to Phantasia5 is considered a gift towards the game to help maintain the server, domain(s) and time dedicated to working, building and loving this game. So all donations will be considered a free will event. Regardless if we receive donations or not, this website, server and domain(s) will be paid by Link. But rest assured that IF you do give us a donation it does not go into Link's pocket. It will only be used for paying for the necessities of keeping the game alive so that it does not die, nor disappear again.

The primary payment method for donations is via paypal which you can send it to Link via: link[at] - replace the [at] with an @ symbol
IF you do not use paypal or would prefer to send it to Link via U.S. Mail(Or your own country mail), you can ask either Link or Slider for the address.

Link, Game Wizard

Or you can use our button: