Here you can download the source code for Phantasia 4 that has been run on RedHat Linux 7.1. Feel free to download it and play around. Standard open source freedoms/restrictions apply. For a definition of open source, please see

Please note that this is a source code download. This means a minimum of a C compilier is required to get this game running. This version can not be made to run on a Windows or Machintosh system without serious effort. How this can be done, I do not know as I do no programming for those systems.

Please do not expect help from me to get this running on your own systems. I will try to answer what questions I can, but my life prevents me from doing much work on my own version of the game, nevermind yours.

One last thing, the code is a bit of a mess. I'd like to put a rewrite together, but I'm not sure I will ever have the time. Expect things to be confusing and don't complain when they are.

To download, click on the link:

I promise not to smurf to Brian about his code: (P4 v4.03)
Code last updated 08/08/2002

Recently with the linux kernel updates and etc. Some people have been emailing me about not being able to keep the game online or it not even booting. The source below is the exact same as the one above, BUT has the errors fixed, HAS a new wizard modify option on the BAR for better management of your clone, and gives a new README for the installation of the game on linux based machines.

Click Here to download. : (P4 v4.03)
Code last updated 04/21/2012

Vortex has written an alternative, ncurses-based text client. You can get it via github.