There are many things in the Phantasia world that a character may bring along with him/her. This equipment could be bought at a trading post or won through combat. Some directly affect your attributes and others give you special abilities.

Shield - A shield directly increases a characters maximum energy by the strength of the shield. For example, if a character with 10 energy points and no shield picks up a 5 point shield, then the character's maximum energy is now 15. Shields will degrade over time and can not be combined to form a more powerful shield.

Sword - When a player enters combat, sword is added to strength to determine damage for melee attacks and skirmish attacks and the sword value is added directly to nick attack damage. Swords, like shields, can not be combined and will degrade.

Quicksilver - A player's quickness is increased by the square root of his/her quicksilver. Like swords and shields, quicksilver degrades and can not be combined.

Mana - Mana is the currency of spells. You will need to use some mana to cast just about anything. Some spells have a fixed cost while others allow you to specify how much mana to use. See the spells for more information.

Gold - A player's gold can only be spent purchasing items at a trading post. If a player collects too much gold, it will begin to slow him/her down. Although it varies between character classes, the average character may carry 1000 plus 175 per level gold without speed penalties. Any gold collected in the realm will be taxed.

Gems - Gems can be found on the more powerful monsters in the outer circles of the game. Each gem is worth 1000 gold and weigh only half as much as one coin. Gems are also subject to the king's tax.

Blessing - Blessings are powerful items that give you first attack in combat. If two blessed characters encounter each other, the blessings cancel, and quickness is used to determin initiative. Blessings can be purchased at some of the distant posts or won from the strongest monsters.

Staff - Staves are found on the stronger monsters, and with it a player can become steward at The Lord's Chamber. This can not be done if a king or queen reigns. Staves are lost when used and cashed in at level 200.

Crowns - With a crown, gained only by destroying the One Ring, a character can enter The Lord's Chamber and become king or queen. The crown is lost when this is done and combat will ensue if another king or queen is already at 0,0. Crowns are cashed in for gold when the player reaches level 2000.

Palantir - A palantir is required for a council member to search for and find the holy grail, but it will also locate corpses. All players who possess one can see the coordinates of players who are outside your circle and/or cloaked.

Virgin - A virgin is the only way to subdue a Unicorn. If successful, you will gain experience and treasure as if you had killed it. Beware, unicorns are also fairly picky about the morals of the player, too.

Ring - Rings are only carried by nazguls and The Dark Lord. When used, all rings rest the player to maximum energy, and cause him/her to hit much harder in battle. Some rings are permament, some rings will disappear after a number of uses and some will slowly consume the wearer, turning them into a ring wraith to attack future adventurers.

Holy Water - These vials can kill faeries, seven of the game's monsters. When you have enough, they will be automatically used.

Amulets - Amulets protect the user from cursed treasure and are destroyed in the process. They are used automatically. More powerful curses will consume more amulets.

Charms - These do the exact same thing as amulets, but can also be used in conjunction with a blessing to overthrow the Dark Lord. If a character has enough amulet and a charm, the amulets will be used first to protect the player.