Phantasia is a multi-player Dungeons & Dragons style role playing game which allows players to create characters and explore the realm and fight any evil you may encounter. Characters progress through experience from fighting monsters (and other players) as well as attaining positions of power.

There are many goals to accomplish in the realm. Here are some of the more popular ones:

Be All You Can Be

- Fight the evil monsters that wander the realm, stockpile their treasure, purchase better equipment and increase in levels.

Find the Treasure Trove

- A treasure is hidden close to the origin. The player to find it is rewarded with gems and a blessing.

Find your way through the Dungeon

- A maze of rooms filled with monsters, traps and much more. Find your way through the Dungeon alive and claim its reward.

Defeat the Dark Lord

- The Dark Lord is the most powerful monster in the game and can only be overthrown with a blessing and charms. When this beast falls, you know all other monsters tremble at your might.

Kill Your Fellow Man

- Has the king been causing you problems? Does another player just not deserve to live? Take matters into your own hands by entering inter-terminal combat and make them pay.

Take Steward Responsibilities

- If you find a staff, you can become steward at The Lord's Chamber as long as no king exists. Stewards can collect taxes and distribute wealth so it is a highly valued position.

Become King or Queen of the Realm

- You can become king or queen by entering The Lord's Chamber with a crown. This position has powers second only to the valar, is immune from dying, and can appoint a knight.

Enter The Council of the Wise

- Upon reaching level 3000, characters become a member of The Council of the Wise. These characters gain two lives and have powers that can affect other players and aid in the search for the Holy Grail.

Attain the Position of Valar

- Valar is the ultimate position of the game. In addition to three extra lives, this character can greatly aid certain players in the realm or smite them all.