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  2. Been playing Phantasia since forever. Only just found this place, though. 

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      Phantasia5 and Phantasia4 where readapted, and renovated versions of Phantasia 3 from the BSD games. You should try playing it and see what you think. Since you like the old bsd game.

  3. 1. Steam release. Free or 1$ etc depending on your own thoughts. Reasons: populating the game. Visibility is key. If people don't know the game exists they can't play it. 2. App. Same as above, but even more likely to bring higher player numbers. People usually look for a simple game to play on their phones to kill a little time while waiting on something. This is a great game for that and very simple.
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  5. In Phantasia some things are not set in stone. Is what I was saying.
  6. In the Scenario I posted though the bolt didn't fail at all. I'm saying it actually did more damage than Leanans HP, yet didn't kill it for some reason.
  7. You should see all the variables in the code for how magic bolt works. I think for the most part it is accurate to what you would expect BUT it also varies based on conditions. If your buff damage is too low, it will fail. If you are fighting a Dark Lord it will fail. There is a 5% chance that if you are in IT Combat it will fail. It also increases its effectiveness based on your spell level, or how weak of a monster you are fighting. If you are fighting the Tarrasque it gets resisted every once in a while. Sometimes you also get more effectiveness based on how good you are.
  8. Does monsters HP vary or is it consistent? I've always thought it to be a consistent number. A Leanan should have 3k hp per level as far as I know and according to the monster table. Yet when I was watching a friend play over at my house, he did more damage than the Leanan should have for HP, yet the Leanan lived and killed him. Here is a log of the combat - I did grab a screenshot of it too. You find and attack Leanan-Sidhe. - (Size: 2830) Which spell do you wish to cast? Magic Bolt fired! You hit Leanan-Sidhe for 8187854 magic damage! Which s
  9. Link

    5.0.3 is now up

    I changed the names back weeks ago
  10. vortex

    5.0.3 is now up

    A few changes since I last posted: * Fixed equipment upgrades from store quests: if a message is given that the player's shield, sword, or quicksilver are upgraded, then they are always improved by at least one point. * Hobbits and mages now have their original names again: halfling and magic-user, respectively. * Fixed several crashes.
  11. Wrecquiem

    5.0.2 is up

    Nice! Excited to see what you have in store!
  12. Issues are being resolved. There is heavy work on the server to make the game more stable going on. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  13. Working now Looks like someone worked on it
  14. Looks like it's any character. I'll stop trying for a bit. Have a good day!
  15. Good afternoon, Looks like My character entering the game is causing the entire server to go offline for 10-15 mins. Character - Elfo Tried a couple times to login. Able to get to "Loading the Character..." then the client freezes. If I load a second client server is down (Also "down" on website) Thank you.
  16. Good evening, I was playing without much issue. All of a sudden when Archimidec logged in at around 6:30 or so. The server crashed and I walked away because it didnt come back up right away. (There were no characters online when I stepped away, I assumed the character was fine as I didnt see a death message or have combat initiated) When I returned my character was dead, I made another "bean" to ask what happened, no one said anything I type @link . Check chat log for the messages. There is no log of my death in the scoreboard either. If I was PKed thats fine, just wan
  17. vortex

    5.0.2 is up

    So Link has made me a developer now... Anyhow, I've just installed a new release on the server. The only "new" feature is that I've brought back the level-based spell names--as you practice a spell and become more proficient at casting it, the name of the spell will change. Other than that, this release is mainly a bit of a code clean-up; hopefully it will be less likely to crash now.
  18. Link

    Custom Clients

    @vortex The HTML5 was abandoned in favor of a node.js client, that is the downloadable client you can use on Windows, Mac and Linux. You need to implement a something that reads the phantasia server cookies so people have a machineID when logged into the game. People on your client could get banned when someone else with no MachineID gets banned. Can you show some screenshots of it? My Linux laptop is put away for the moment.
  19. Not sure that it is 100% done, but I've written a ncurses client. There are things I'd like to add to it (playing sounds for certain things and auto-rerolling stats); I've actually done the former but haven't taken the time to do it in a way that won't just work on my computer, so haven't pushed that yet. https://github.com/mgorse/phantcli
  20. Indeed - 2007 I believe. I lost all my chars - had to rebuild. Some old names reused, some new. Changed countries as well (back from UK to Aus). Perhaps see you on some time - how is sunny Toronto?
  21. Got it, cheers definitely saves me a few hundred hours lol I'm doing well! How have you been? It's been years!
  22. Gadwin you A*se - how the hell are ya!
  23. You have been PM'd a new password and proof I was in your account. I dont think you want me to vape these characters lol.
  24. I can reset you. I will PM you a new password.
  25. I've tried every password I can remember using over the last ten years and can't hit on the right one for my GoldenEyes account. Weirdly, I've always used the same password on P4 and played early last year so I'm not sure why I'm having such a brain fart in trying to remember it. Character names on there should include Pestilence, Sensei, Desolation, Kinslayer, Aquamarine, Carrot, Vimes and Granny (or Weatherwax). Waste, Gadwin, OogieBoogie, SandyClaws, possibly Icarium and a few others should also be on there or associated it with it in the past. All character passwords are blank. Happy
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