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  2. This excites me, i would gladly help fund this if needed....
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  4. Lol I love seeing that. Its been 8 months since I last seen it.
  5. Looks good - bring it on
  6. I actually had started working on this awhile ago, but have been busy with some other commitments lately and haven't had time to work on it more. I think its definitely possible, there are just a few UX/UI elements that need some thinking through.
  7. Link


    Congratulations man. I am proud of you.
  8. Hey Link, after being comprehensively wiped out first time around - this time I managed the feat! The Tarresque has been defeated! Learned a few things on the way as well. The Arkenstone is mine! Took me back in age, gave speed boost etc. But knocked about 150k off my shield... Some big big hits in there. Job Done! Ding
  9. I used to play this game all the time when I was in college, glad to see it's still going. I understand the hesitation about being able to play on a small screen like a smartphone but after seeing the new v5 client it looks like it would be the perfect size for my iPad or similar tablet. I would definitely be in to support a kickstarter if anyone is ambitious enough to make this happen.
  10. What is going on everybody?

  11. I said screw it and today I converted from Woltlab to the Invision software I have had for years and never used....
  12. Thank Wrecquiem he is the one who designed the new client.
  13. Greetings! I check up on the state of Phantasia every so often and was happy when I checked today and found a playable version. Thank you Link for making this happen! I'll be on from time to time.
  14. They do but it is sporadic. Its not as happening as it was back in the old days.
  15. I played pultimate well over a decade ago and wanted to start up again. I checked out the standard p5 client but did not see anyone on. Does anyone play on p5 or one of the clones?
  16. This is probably a bug on the server. Client is just displaying whatever it receives.
  17. Meh thats not game breaking. Screw it.
  18. A reasonably minor one with the client - when I connect to the game I see: There is no ruler at this time. The current ruler is Dingle For clarity I am the current king. Cheers, Dingle
  19. Mac client. After hitting a direction key to move, when I hit space to rest I both rest and advance in the last direction I moved.
  20. Hi, Running the latest Mac client (built last night) - I noticed that when I'm in a fight and the screen fills with messages, and there is only one line left in the screen but the monster hits me twice, then the screen briefly expands in height instead of scrolling, and then contracts again,
  21. Mobster


    my password has been changed i know i did type in a few mines but i was playing n got kicked n couldnt get back in and it banned me prolly
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