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    5.0.3 is now up

    A few changes since I last posted: * Fixed equipment upgrades from store quests: if a message is given that the player's shield, sword, or quicksilver are upgraded, then they are always improved by at least one point. * Hobbits and mages now have their original names again: halfling and magic-user, respectively. * Fixed several crashes.
  2. vortex

    5.0.2 is up

    So Link has made me a developer now... Anyhow, I've just installed a new release on the server. The only "new" feature is that I've brought back the level-based spell names--as you practice a spell and become more proficient at casting it, the name of the spell will change. Other than that, this release is mainly a bit of a code clean-up; hopefully it will be less likely to crash now.
  3. Not sure that it is 100% done, but I've written a ncurses client. There are things I'd like to add to it (playing sounds for certain things and auto-rerolling stats); I've actually done the former but haven't taken the time to do it in a way that won't just work on my computer, so haven't pushed that yet. https://github.com/mgorse/phantcli
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