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  1. Working now 🙂 Looks like someone worked on it
  2. Looks like it's any character. I'll stop trying for a bit. Have a good day!
  3. Good afternoon, Looks like My character entering the game is causing the entire server to go offline for 10-15 mins. Character - Elfo Tried a couple times to login. Able to get to "Loading the Character..." then the client freezes. If I load a second client server is down (Also "down" on website) Thank you.
  4. Good evening, I was playing without much issue. All of a sudden when Archimidec logged in at around 6:30 or so. The server crashed and I walked away because it didnt come back up right away. (There were no characters online when I stepped away, I assumed the character was fine as I didnt see a death message or have combat initiated) When I returned my character was dead, I made another "bean" to ask what happened, no one said anything I type @link . Check chat log for the messages. There is no log of my death in the scoreboard either. If I was PKed thats fine, just wan
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