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  1. In the Scenario I posted though the bolt didn't fail at all. I'm saying it actually did more damage than Leanans HP, yet didn't kill it for some reason.
  2. Does monsters HP vary or is it consistent? I've always thought it to be a consistent number. A Leanan should have 3k hp per level as far as I know and according to the monster table. Yet when I was watching a friend play over at my house, he did more damage than the Leanan should have for HP, yet the Leanan lived and killed him. Here is a log of the combat - I did grab a screenshot of it too. You find and attack Leanan-Sidhe. - (Size: 2830) Which spell do you wish to cast? Magic Bolt fired! You hit Leanan-Sidhe for 8187854 magic damage! Which s
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