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    Phantasia4 is a simple game. Its looks are humbling and professional. The gameplay appears basic at first; grow levels by hunting monsters, get gold, buy better equipment, advance further into the realm. As the numbers increase, so must your knowledge about the game grow. That is when it gets really fun if you are interested in this fantasy genre. The entire game is based off of the Lord of the Rings world, all the monsters from the movies are in here, including the greatest evil powers within the Tolkien universe. With a little imagination, this game is an ongoing story for a battle of Middle Earth. .. Player to player interaction is in communication and combat at first. As you progress through the game you will discover new ways that you can affect other player characters as well. This game offers a place for people who share a common interest to talk to each other. Make friends. Roleplay. Share Ideas. Grow. The chat is a beautiful instant messenger. .. I believe this game has the potential to be popular. It's unique, the more people that play it the better the experience is. It's the first MMO I've ever played, and it is most certainly my favorite. It has changed a lot since I first started playing, and continues to evolve from the creativity and inspiration of the Game Wizards. This sounds extremely interesting and complex for the idea of a text-based game, though this is perhaps my ignorance talking, as I have never tried any. It sounds pretty cool.
  2. Hello guys. I joined a little while back invited by Pallando. I am completely clueless about the past and current games and I am still getting familiar with things. Another thing I need to get familiar with is the terminology, like the clones and stuff. I am sure as intimidating as it can be I will get the hold of it with as I get involved in the community. For now my biggest doubt is regarding the clone Realms and Phatasia 4. I can imagine the clone realms part from P4, but are they going parallel or are they a 'tweak' you install on top of the p4 copy? I apologise for the highly ignorant question. I have been trying to read around but I can't figure it out. It sounds like a very interesting series of projects with a lot of history. How long has it be going? What's your story? If you already have a thread like that feel free to link me, I am sure you guys probably don't want to be repeating yourself, just know that if you are I am more than happy to listen, haha. Anyway, do you guys meet at certain times or do you just pretty much do your thing? Again sorry if I am being ignorant. I am sure in the future I'll reread this thread and feel embarrassed. Hahah.
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