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  1. Wrecquiem

    5.0.2 is up

    Nice! Excited to see what you have in store!
  2. I actually had started working on this awhile ago, but have been busy with some other commitments lately and haven't had time to work on it more. I think its definitely possible, there are just a few UX/UI elements that need some thinking through.
  3. This is probably a bug on the server. Client is just displaying whatever it receives.
  4. Impressive, nice guide! Are there any plans to integrate these cool features from RoW to P5?
  5. When you're playing Phantasia and... You create a new text document for every trove hunt. Desktop may as well be scratch paper. I still use the classic pen and paper approach http://phorums.phantasia5.com/wcf/images/smilies/emojione/263a.png
  6. That would be neat. That basically gives you a 'free life' so that if you die, you have another character to start from your last checkpoint. Or by defeating a tier, you could just receive a free life? I'd totally be down with that. Losing high level characters stinks http://phorums.phantasia5.com/wcf/images/smilies/emojione/1f914.png
  7. Ohhh. Or just the wandering dwarven merchant maybe. So you can browse wares or attack. Make him boss-like so there's a risk for doing it.
  8. That's an interesting idea. Would there be rewards for participating in this mode? What would be the draw of it (other than the challenge)? Maybe have a separate leader board for it too? Like who has achieved the highest tower level?
  9. Pallando, I'm hoping you got my email about this! Let me know if not.
  10. Nice Zap! I definitely think this game could adapt to phones. My suggestion in regards to the chat - I think it would be helpful to have a little chat preview(1-2 lines) at the bottom of the screen so that people would be able to see when a new chat message was posted. When clicked on, it would expand to the chat screen that you have indicated.
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