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  1. I'll do a mockup sometime and show what my idea about it.
  2. The HTML client working good so far. Honestly, the graphics can use a 21st century face lift, but otherwise good as usual. Zap: Hell if I remember. I lost so many characters, I went through a lot of them. I may have been under a username Zido_z or psychic_p sometimes.
  3. Hey. I use to play the old P4 back in what, 2004 or earlier in high school. Sometime around there, so over ten years ago. Remember modding my own version and hanging with the crew. Glad to see this place is still around. This game was a fun experience and was solid in its mechanics. I have a development idea concerning this game, which includes tile (or ascii) graphics being added, and maybe pushing it to a higher level. Being a level 1005 C++ programmer, I may be of some assistance to the future of this game. Hope to talk more.
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