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  1. Tested 15, and 16. Quest text clearly states that gems will be awarded. They are not awarded.
  2. I've been using the java client w/ no issues. Seems to be a preference for the HTML client?
  3. No worries, just wanted to bring it to your attention, Polol was having a similar problem on P4 when we were playing earlier today.
  4. Been playing today and the client keeps freezing/timing out/giving socket errors. Lost a lvl 30 mage today due to it, and generally it is making play very annoying. Not sure if i can help by giving more feedback. Let me know.
  5. Correct. Functioning normally, but misnamed.
  6. The spells are misnamed. They work as intended but the names are wrong, for example: Magic Bolt has been renamed "Increase Might", but still functions as Magic Bolt.
  7. Seems like accepting quests locks up the client.
  8. Added to the known bugs list. Thank you. Unfortunately i do not have Wizard level access to the game so i can't un-ban you. But someone will be around soon to take care of it.
  9. I figured we could eventually rotate? But figure out a night of the week first, and go from there.
  10. Wondering if it would be possible to coordinate a game night, try to get everyone on one a week or bi-weekly for a few hours in the evening. Would be great, maybe do some PK Tourney's or Trove Hunts...Any other ideas welcome. In any case; the more the merrier. Vote for as many days as you want, everyone has seven votes.
  11. KNOWN BUGS - CLIENT ISSUES LAST EDITED: 4/1/16 Guidelines for reporting issues: Read over current bug list before reporting any issue. Please list OS, Browser and Version, and in which Game the issue is occurring. If you can Repeat it, It's a BUG; this is not a thread for posting Weird Things, Flukes, or Hunches. That said, if you are convinced something is wrong, detailed descriptions and screenshots will help us to re-create the problem. Old P4 ------------------------ * Accounts are being banned, seemingly on random. Not sure yet what the cause is. ROW ------------------------
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Will this change translate to anything on the player-side of things?
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