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    banned again

    I can confirm I was also banned whilst playing the game and it killed my character because of it. I love the game and I understand there is a lot of testing going on but losing characters due to bans that are unjust is very harsh. One possible cause could be that if your testing the new client it allows you to log into your original account but changes the passwords or nullifies them for your existing chars from he original version..hence if you forget and try to switch characters it may make it look like you are trying to access something wrongfully. I will be honest I have not been back to play since the ban fiasco for myself...
  2. As an example I could write up my personal strategy but I think it would take away from a lot of the learning of the game as my latest char as an example is level 595 in roughly three and a half hours play...that is with most of the time wasted sat on low level co-ords resting for quest actions which never came lol as well as being Cerbed three times and having to drop right back down in size...
  3. I think you have misunderstood a little mate. I was asking on behalf of new players... I had a 5k sword at level 500... again that made Cerb go nuts. I know the ins and outs of my strategy and tbh I can tweak around the value of the max shield accordingly myself but I am somebody who has played Phantasia since near enough its conception. I guess I am curious is Phantasia being brought into the realm of lets increase the community and player base to grow the game...especially the clone versions or is it going to remain a nostalgic experience and be as harsh as ever for newcomers with very little guidance other than learn as you go...
  4. Sorry if there is already a section with posted but I haven't found any around the levelling process. Things such as gold you can carry, what shield you can carry without flaring Cerberus and such. I usually play fighting monster 1.5 to 2 times my level once I hit 150 and have grabbed a decent shield however I am finding Cerberus seems to be targeting me a lot faster than what I remember in previous versions. As an example I can barely hold a 900k shield at level 500 and Cerberus wants to chomp through my charms for fun. It's all good fun but being Cerbed three times within an hour on a level 500 char also becomes tedious because I am a little limited to how I can play a strategy if I can't hold onto a shield. I tried purchasing over 2000 charms that didn't really help as he just ate his way through them after several encounters. Even let a Titan bash my shield down to what was what I considered my minimum safe level but Cerby still wanted me. Is it just my strategy? Do I level too high? Have there been any changes to prevent this strategy? I am loving the challenge at the moment but I guess my thoughts go to the players who may be new to Phantasia as I once was and there is little guidance available. I appreciate Phantasia has always had a steep learning curve but I am sure we want a few more guys in here to build the community going forward also.
  5. Do wizards still maintain the ability to check the actual logs as I know there have been anomalies in the past where a char would be restored. If anything though I am more after clarity on the viability of something hitting that hard at that point in the game as there would be no strategy allowing for any class to cope with that much damage...hell I wouldn't have a 10 mill shield at level 3000+ lol
  6. It was in single hit which is what baffled me. I have lost many chars(2-3k lvls) in the past to multi strikes and big spikes in damage off single hits but 10 million for the size I was in which will have been 350-390ish if memory serves was seemingly unfathomable.
  7. Hi guys, I am a very old Phantasia player back from the days of AcidWulf, GremlinPrincess, Locky etc etc. I have always played on and off over the years when the game has been available and I would like to start by saying thank you so much for bringing the game back. It is just a great time killer! Anyway onto my strange death... I was playing a Hylian named Imperious and died to a Begion. I had roughly a 1.3 mill shield etc. and I was playing relatively safe killing Leans and Ungos etc. where my shield was able to take the hits and I could para/evade even haste to help out the process if needed. The strange death occured with a Begion which hit me for over 10 million damage. I hadn't been TP'ed to a larger size and I hadn't lost shield or speed to any special attacks... It just really has me baffled as like I have stated Ungos, Lean, Dragons at that level where no problem I also had a stack of charms. 23> Imperious, the level 371 Hylian, was killed by Begion on Mon Mar 28 16:05:55 2016. That was the exact death as of the scoreboard. Any light shed on it would be great. Many Thanks, Mark
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