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  1. Follow-up Question: Is the One-Ring to rule them all safe to use, or can that be cursed as well? (Given lore, I expect it would be)
  2. A few questions 1) What are the chances a ring is cursed? 2) How long/many uses before a cursed ring causes "death"? 3) If a ring is forcing me to wear it - is it cursed? 4) If I die when wearing a ring, do I come back to life - or is that only if you had clicked "use ring" in that fight? For anyone else reading - you can get rid of a ring from Sméagol, not sure if he can't steal cursed ring, he stole mine. I assume the quest number 6 in the Rise of Warriors variant would work also: [uPDATED 2018] Complete Quest Guide! How to Access the Undying Lands
  3. There's a system in place that does boot you after a few mins. I think it's generally around 2-3 mins, or up to 1 min if you try to login again. I had a character that I assumed was logged out and perhaps was not - maybe I just closed the browser? But I logged in a day later and it didn't exist and the rankings aid it "died of fatigue".
  4. Eventually it booted - there was no indication of how long it would take to do so, my guess is maybe 10 minutes.
  5. I had a client error while playing and was forced to close the client. Now my character is logged in still - attempting to login tells me the character is still logged in. Would be nice to take over a session or have some method to boot our character so we can login if the client was closed.
  6. What does Saruman's spell do now? My mana and strength were reduced to zero but no other stats seemed to change so it didn't scramble my stats, just reduced two of them to zero (and making that specific character unplayable alas).
  7. Tantalus - I tried this at home with IE. Installed Java, granted exceptions as discussed. Played from http://www.phantasiarow.com Java 1, no applet window Java 2, no applet window HTML5 - Page not FoundMake sure the web address http://www.riseofwarriors.com:8082 is correct Edit -- It looks like the only way it works is if you add a website such as phantasiarow to your trusted websites in Internet Explorer and then lower the permissions down to a rather low level. Would be nice if there was another way.
  8. Alas, installation of programs is blocked at admin level now anyways... don't suppose there's a work-a-round for this.
  9. I want to play (it's been a long time) but a general email went out not two weeks ago to staff to not install any software on their computer. Not sure if that means someone gets pinged if you do but I'm not going to risk installing java without being able to justify it. Don't suppose there's any alternative? The hoops you need to jump through to get it to work may be blocking some people... I loved playing before. My favourite playing was leveling up a bit and scrambling with saruman and running up to Valar and maybe giving other characters (mine or others) boosts. Going far out and loo
  10. I've been playing Rise of Warriors. I used a pick scroll and used 58 (Gwyllion) and got 56 (Peridixon) A Shrieker called a Centaur on me - this is not in the monster listing. Is there another monster list for this game?
  11. Once in awhile I check in on it still.
  12. I love this game too. I liked when it was a little easier to get super-powered though, or at least one could use the valar powers to try and supercharge some lower characters. Scrambling the mana into brains/ML kinda stuff was always fun to try.
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