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  1. Answered back. http://phorums.phantasia5.com/wcf/images/smilies/emojione/263a.png
  2. If you guys are interested, Ted created the game in hissenior year of high school on a HP 2000 (basic language) utilized by all thehigh schools. His version was a cloned game that existed at harper college andevery rival school. There was always a different flavor to each one, space,d&d, war, and token. I have tried one of the clone games here, and it reminds ofthe game he wrote 30 years ago. It seems to have been stripped down because therewas a lot more to the game, it seems to have been lost in translation to Unix. Ohhhh that college was Harper in Illinois and Ted went to Palatinehi
  3. Tried the game today in HTML mode, and its poping up socket errors.
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