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  1. Just got Valar for the first time in this game. I know the struggle lol.
  2. I play RoW these days if you ever hop on.
  3. Ive been on Rise of Warriors lately
  4. Also are there people on RoW right now? Ive been playing pultimate but its awfully lonely.
  5. Ok. Ive played a ton of pultimate. Ive never seen anywhere that explains the 2nd abilities, like archers shoot arrows or the giants stomp. Are those abilities worth using? Are they the same thing as skirmish from the original p4?
  6. Wanting to start playing this version as I had always played the original p4 and pultimate in the past. I couldn't find anything on character classes or stats on the website. Any info on it?
  7. Ive returned to this game after a long long time. Ive never really understood what the second abilities for each class are for. Are they actually useful at all? If not then the archer class seems awfully weak.
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