[UPDATED 2018] Complete Quest Guide! How to Access the Undying Lands

  • Hi there! I'm Tantalus. I've decided to make a quest guide for those who have realized that Rise of Warriors is the best version of Phantasia that there is. In order to access the Undying Lands and truly bring your character to its full potential, you must complete all these quests in their entirety. Luckily for you, this crazy bastard is here to spell it out for you in black and white, AND I'll even tell you when to do each one! WHOA! I know right?! The first quest centers are at (1000, 1000) and (-1000, -1000). For quests 1-16 you have to go to the quest center and accept the quest, and then return once you've done it to turn it in. You can only have one assigned quest at a time.

    # Quest Name Quest Guide Reward
    1 Pizza Rescue Travel to Size 8 Moor's Adventurous (690, 690) and rest until a Dwarf gives you a pizza Nothing
    2 Healer's Feud Kill Treasure Type 8 Monsters for Athelas (86-93) 5 Levels
    3 Friendly Persuasion Bring a Virgin to the quest center. The best way to get virgins is to fight in the Dead Marshes, only a handful of monsters are able to show up here, and a good chunk of them drop Virgins. All your poison is cured.
    4 Orc Hunting Kill 50 orcs.This can be done anywhere, I suggest the Outer Waste, and use pick scrolls on Orcs (43) Fishing Rod
    5 Blind Man Get poisoned (rest against spiders with no charms) and then rest until a medic shows up, he will then go to the Quest Center Blessing
    6 Self-Absorbed Collector Bring a Gem, a Palantir, and a Ring of Power to the Quest Center. The Palantir drops from Saruman (94), the Ring from Nazguls (95), and the Gem from any number of monsters. The items for this quest will be collected while doing other quests Your Magic Level is TRIPLED
    7 Help the Tax Fight Saruman (94) for a Gandalf FIRST, then fight Treasure Type 8 for a Merlyn (86-93), and then fight Treasure Type 6 monsters (70-77) for Treebeard. I recommend Morannon+ for this quest 150k gold BEWARE GREED
    8 Help the Evil Saiyan Go to size 63 Morannon (5500, 5500) and rest until you have 2 senzu beans Your Strength is DOUBLED
    9 Bead Collector Go to size 239 Kennaquahir (21,100, 21,100) and rest until you have 10 beads Your Energy is DOUBLED
    10 Miner Pursuit Go to the Mines of Moria (910, 910) and rest until you have 15 Mithril Plates Pickaxe
    11 Charming Personality Bring 100 charms to the Quest Center Your Brains are TRIPLED
    12 Keen Generosity Bring 1,000 gems and 300,000 to the Quest Center All your sin is cleansed
    13 Galadriel's Gift Fight Treasure Type 8 monsters for Merlin (86-93) You gain 3 speed
    14 Cook's Assistant Fight Treasure Type 6 monsters for Treebeard (70-77) You need 3 15 Gems
    15 Never Diplomacy Fight Treasure Type 7 monsters to get 2 Hercules (13, 78-85). This is best done in Dead Marshes due to the rate at which you encounter Aspidchelones. You can do this in Plateau or Morannon to get it done faster but be careful not to over level yourself. Then travel to Rohan (-50, 50) and rest until you kill a guard, and do the same in Gondor (-150, -150) 5 Gems and 10 Charms
    16 Fisher's Folly Kill Treasure Type 7 monsters to get Aes Sedai once (13, 78-85). Then go to Dead Marshes and rest until the vials are filled. This entire quest is best done in the Dead Marshes due to the rate at which you encounter Aspidchelone. You can do this in Plateau or Morannon to get it done faster but be careful not to over level yourself
    5 Gems
    17 Treasure Trove Find the Treasure Trove
    18 One Ring Destruction Get the One Ring from The Dark Lord, then travel to the Cracks of Doom (2464, 2464). Fight monsters here until a pool emerges, and throw the ring in. Make sure you have no sin.
    19 The Holy Grail After level 3,000, use your newly-gained Seek Grail power to find the Holy Grail
    20 The Council Trove After level 3,000, fight Morgoth (15) to get hints and find the Council Trove

    Now that you know what the quests are, I'll tell you what order you should do them in, because once you are of a certain level, and especially when you have a title (not Steward or Knight though), they're impossible to complete.

    Now when you start your character, as soon as you are able start looking for the trove for quest 17. This is the first thing you ever want to do anyway. If you hit level 30 whilst looking, then pick up the appropriate quest. For example, if you are in size 8 Moors Adventurous and you're close to the trove, grab Quest 1, if you're in the Mines of Moria, grab Quest 10.

    As soon as you hit 30, it is imperative that you do quest 10 immediately! Once that is done, do quest 1 quickly. You should be MORE than ready for low marshes by now, so do quests 16, and then 15. Now is a good time to do quest 5, as you haven't been stockpiling charms yet, so go ahead and get that out of the way. You probably also have a virgin in the chamber, so hand in quest 3. Congratulations, the low level "deadline" quests are done for now, so go on and do quest 4, then 2, and then pick up quest 7 before you go and start your Morannon grind. Be VERY careful when handing this in. Buy your shield/charms with all your gems prior to handing this in, because if you go to 0 speed you have to drop all your gold and gems.

    Once that is done you most likely have the items for 6 so hand that in. Time for another deadline quest, number 8. You should be MORE than powerful enough for this by now, so go ahead and do that, and if your race is anything that has decent melee, congratulations on becoming overpowered as hell. The last deadline quest is 9, I find it's best to do this at 200-300 or even SOONER if you're able, with all those boosts from quest turn ins you should be fine, unless you're an Archer or something, if so then what is wrong with you?

    Go ahead and do 13 and 14 now, they should be easy. Then just hand in 11 and 12 when you have the items to SPARE. When 1000 gems/100 charms is barely anything to you (meaning you already have a ton of charms, a 1million+ shield, and a 10k+ sword if you're a melee). Around level 400-500 start picking 103 (The Dark Lord) in your pick scrolls to search for The One Ring. You will most likely get it before 1,000. You can very well complete the quest 18 before 1,000 but I suggest waiting until 1,000 so you get a crown in return. BEWARE SMEAGOL. This little shit will stop at nothing to steal your ring. DO NOT let him have a single turn on you, EVER, not even paralyzed. You can now take a nice breather until level 3,000.

    After 3,000 I recommend doing quest 20 BEFORE doing quest 19, especially once the bug is fixed because you want that wand to be able to continue killing Morgoth for eternity. After you find the Wand and the Grail you've done all the quests, so go to the quest center and you will get a backpack with a key to open the box. Select check box to get your Writ, and you can officially enter the Undying lands.

    The Undying Lands is rough, I suggest being able to handle at least size 10,000 before you go there, as everything works in increments of 5,000 there and The Immortal Lord isn't killed by charms as far as I know, so evade that bastard until you can melee him (yes, Hercules is a freaking GOD in the Undying Lands). Size 1 = Size 5,000, Size 2 = Size 10,000. Don't forget you have the Wand, so you can spam that 8 key for an INFINITE shield/strength/speed increase on tougher things at first, while you get your footing in the Undying Lands.

    Best of luck on your journey!

  • Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    Found the trove at level 28. Grinded to level 30 and then went to the Mines of Moria (910,910) exactly and rested there for a good deal of time. I did not obtain any mithril plates for Quest #10. I then moved to another location within the Mines of Moria randomly--- no success there. I then tried to complete Quest #1 at (690,690), rested there long enough to degenerate. I have tried resting within cloak ( I know that is silly, but I was willing to try anything at this point) to make it go faster and uninterrupted. I have yet to get a pizza delivered to me and embrace the cold magical metal within the mines.


  • For everything except the last 4 quests, you have to go to the quest center to pick up the quest from the list before you can get the items for them

  • Oh. Where is the quest center?

    I guess I could search for it... I'm sure if I battle an army of morons I could find out. Lol.

    1000, 1000

    Expanding on this, you can calculate it the same way you calculate posts. For example posts are


    (1, 2, 3, 4)
    (100, 400, 900, 1600)

    Quest Centers are


    (1, 2, 3, 4)
    (1000, 4000, 9000, 16000)

    If you're more familiar with common post locations, in a panicked bind you could just put a 0 after every post location

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  • not getting any gems from quest turn ins.

    The post owner leaves the shop, says "Oh great! My tax refund is finally here!", grabs the gold from the page and disappears back into the post.

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  • Tested 15, and 16. Quest text clearly states that gems will be awarded. They are not awarded.

    The post owner leaves the shop, says "Oh great! My tax refund is finally here!", grabs the gold from the page and disappears back into the post.

    Phantasia4: Old - Apprentice

    You were vaporized by Link! Next time, try a disintegration proof vest.