banned again

  • I can confirm I was also banned whilst playing the game and it killed my character because of it. I love the game and I understand there is a lot of testing going on but losing characters due to bans that are unjust is very harsh.

    One possible cause could be that if your testing the new client it allows you to log into your original account but changes the passwords or nullifies them for your existing chars from he original version..hence if you forget and try to switch characters it may make it look like you are trying to access something wrongfully.

    I will be honest I have not been back to play since the ban fiasco for myself...

  • You are aware the real version is at, that all was happening while we are Alphaing the new client

    What I think is happening because I have read the hack logs. The dialog boxes are faster at coming with this client and everyone is speedtyping, I cannot tell you how many times I have messed up passwords, but if I get it wrong a 3rd time. I slow down and confirm I know it.

    That is 95 percent of the hacklog is improper passwords.

    The fact that people wont return due to this Alpha stage problem. When the real game doesnt have this problem. It is like comparing Athelas and Pipeweed(pun intended). I olny intend on smoking one, the other heals you.

    Vanilla Phantasia4 is another monster. Anything could kill you. You could be a level 1000 and they a 400, anything could happen.

    Later P4/Early P5 is different. The wizards of old and new went and fixed almost all of the problems people had. The only real problem P5 had left was the client. Via testing this new one and getting as much feedback as possible we can improve upon this client. Make things better for the future of Phantasia.