Location Ban

  • Hey,

    I'm an old player from...many years ago, just picked the game up again.

    I started writing a custom client for myself, and got my location banned in the process. Possibly I'm not providing the right information for the handshake?

    Is there maybe a test server I can point my client to while I'm building it? Or if you don't want me building a custom client, I'd be happy to contribute to the new HTML5 client if there's a repo for it somewhere?

    Also could I get unbanned ^.^ (EDIT: nvm, first ban is only an hour by the looks of it)


  • Seems I attempted to log into my character to many times after logging into my account, I am no longer able to play P5 from my location. Also, P5 is indicating my password is not correct for my character. I attempted to reset the password but it's also saying I don't have an email address registered to my account. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    So if possible, my requests are as follow...

    Revoke location ban

    Add an email address to my account

    Request a password reset for Polol

    If you need any information from me, such as IP, please do not hesitate to ask.