Phantasia 4 on Smartphone?

  • Link, is it possible to run phantasia4 in a phone application? I think it would definitely gain popularity if it was so easily accessible. Also, if there was a way to do it... what is the server capacity? Could this game support 100 players?

  • Hey guys, sorry for such a huge delay in this thread.

    It would be too small for all phones in my opinion to keep it two windows for a phone application. Having the top window with the bottom of the screen being your commands ( Rest, Move to, Hunt, More...) Being able to customize the number of buttons, which ones are "hotkeyed" to your first set up commands, also the inputs that would be under your ^More...^ Tab.

    Navigation with the compass controls might be too space consuming or maybe not. The ' move to ' function with it's auto walking capability would be enough to get around the game for mobile in my opinion.

    Communication and the chat channels. It would be incredible to do something similar to SnapChat, where you can swipe your screen left or right to get to a different window (maybe left would show you the list of players online, maybe right would throw up the chat for the channel.) If an encounter would happen upon your character when you are perusing the chat, it could auto scroll back to the game window to show you that "Hey, potential threat."

    The sleep mode, or turning off the screen of you're phone. It would be most convenient to auto log you off, I can only imagine the number of potential spammers or idle people sitting around the server. Although it would be a fun sport to PK the AFK's

    Just a few ideas, definitely wish I could do more than throw thoughts around.

  • So this is roughly (I know how bad the cutting and pasting is) what I imagine when I think about playing this game on the phone. I was procrastinating on this for too long. Apologies! What do you guys think?


    Also I should probably explain. After creating a character or logging into a pre-existing one. You would start at the Play Screen (Rest/hunt/etc)

    Swiping to the left on the Phone would bring up the Movement Screen. So you can use the compass. Swiping Right returns you to the Play Screen

    Swiping Right at the Play Screen would bring up the Player List Screen. A button for Channel Switching, A button for Examine (a highlighted player) Double Tapping a player would bring up their info as well.

    Swiping Right at the Player List Screen would move you to the Chat Screen.

    Any encounter that takes place will automatically take you to the Play Screen. After the initial return you can remain in combat and move back to the chat screen if you so choose (Leaving you character helpless until you Play their actions ) .

  • Nice Zap!

    I definitely think this game could adapt to phones.

    My suggestion in regards to the chat -
    I think it would be helpful to have a little chat preview(1-2 lines) at the bottom of the screen so that people would be able to see when a new chat message was posted. When clicked on, it would expand to the chat screen that you have indicated.

  • Great Idea! @Wrecquiem

    When I imagine it on the phone it could run seamlessly. Just smokin' hot gameplay from 4g LTE universe. When I go hiking I could be battling flocks of Orcs in the foothills of the Twin Cities' Suburbs. I wonder what expenses making this a reality would be. Should we get a kickstarter going?

  • Hey Zap, I wonder how much a developer would need to get this rolling.

    - The game, what you want, the monsters etc are already all built out

    If there was a Kickstarter I would 100% help crowdfund, and I know a few former players who I could bring along to toss a few coins in