Dungeons and Dragons

  • Heya,

    Just started my first campaign with my friends tonight. Overall it was quite a success, although at times it was a bit of a brain overload and I probably missed a few rules. Everyone had fun though, which was the most important thing.

    My gathering idea was a local contest for heroes of different specialties. The winners of each competition were gathered to meet the newly graduated cleric ( the event was hosted in his honor ) to join him on his adventures.

    I introduced a suspicious character who wanted to join their adventures as well. They did not accept.

    Fire breaks out in the night, dead gnomes, the church where he studied was raided.
    I tried to begin with a bang, throwing them into combat as they raced towards the screams of innocents.

    Suspicious character from earlier had been behind the attack; they learn after saving the Thorpe's mayor. Heading down into the catacombs of the church, they confront the evildoer and literally slice him in half. (A level 1 orc getting a x3 critical hit with his GreatAxe ..32 points of damage... ) Find the holy symbol. Restore grace back to the church. Head back to town where they find a tiefling that seems to have been pulling the strings. With the rare holy symbol they are able to gain favor from their deity and cast the evil lady to a different plane.

    All in all it took about 4 hours, and I had thought I was well prepared. Under the gun for the first time showed me that the only way to know what is coming is to just do it.

  • Met a couple through my work and we got into a discussion about Dungeons and Dragons. Before I had quit, they had mentioned that they were going to sell their 3.5 books. I managed to get ahold of them in time to buy them. Here is my collection now. It also includes the 4th edition core rulebook set, another Players handbook, and 3 Dungeon Master screens. Woot. I would like to start collecting miniatures. I think it would be cool to have a miniature for every monster in the D&D Universe ( multiples of some), yet it would be very expensive and space consuming. Maybe someday!

  • I have heard that D&D 3.5 has been made easily accessible in .pdf format. I haven't put time into searching out the information on it because I'd rather have the thing in my hand. If anyone is curious as to what is in these books, I will do my best to provide it for you. Whether it be a list of all the monsters from manuals I-V, a collection of rings of power and their attributes, or the 9 lords of evil and their descriptions. Sharing is Caring!