Tower Battle Event

  • Series of fights challenging new players. You click an option when making a new character if you wish to activate tower battle mode.

    <Battle Mode Activated>

    As the player's level ascends he must fight opponents at level checkpoints (or age checkpoints) to win freedom to live until the next call to arms.

    Fight's consist of an opponent AI of equal level (Random Class)

    Levels of engagement


  • That's an interesting idea.

    Would there be rewards for participating in this mode? What would be the draw of it (other than the challenge)?

    Maybe have a separate leader board for it too? Like who has achieved the highest tower level?

  • True. I was thinking that it would be neat to "Win" characters. When defeating your opponent, you could have the option to kill or spare (Maybe success rate of spare based on sin), and then that AI of that level would join the ranks with your other characters. (It would be in the same escalated battle setting).

    The opponents would have to be very challenging I think to have other characters as "loot". a HIgh Risk/ High Reward type of scenario.. Although the inflation of characters within the realm could become attractive.

  • That would be neat. That basically gives you a 'free life' so that if you die, you have another character to start from your last checkpoint.

    Or by defeating a tier, you could just receive a free life? I'd totally be down with that. Losing high level characters stinks :/