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Any other type of client would be amazing

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Currently just to play on chrome there are all kinds of hoops required to jump through due to java being blocked in chrome and p4 being blocked by java. Any other kind of client would be amazing as no one who is being directed to play the game by a friend is going to want to spend 30 mins to an hour to get it to work.

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I use Firefox, and it wasn't too difficult to jump through 3 Java roadblocks. I'll list here a quick way to do it.


Start> All Programs > Java > Configure Java (Window opens, Click Security tab at the top of new window)


Click on "Edit Site List..." tab. (If you cannot click on it, you may have to lower the java security from very high to high)
Click on "Add" ( A new line will pop up on the list with a red stop sign to the left)
Enter https://www.phantasia.dev
Enter https://www.phantasia.dev/cgi-bin/Phantasia_Client.cgi

(The red stop sign should disappear when entering in the full web address. I.E.. http://www.yadayadayda.com)


Save changes.


This is the method that worked for me to allow the java applet to load in Firefox.



ZAP: I EDITED YOUR THREAD TO UPDATE LINKS - Link 2/12/2021 Or they could just use the new client.

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