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Phantasia4 Help Wanted

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I never look at these boards....I really should more but eh. I doubt IceFox does either. I try to check it daily to see if Mobster replied to my message that I replied to him....but alas he hasn't.


I am looking for a person to fill a moderation position on the Phorums, you will technically be a staff member of Phantasia4 and you will be listed on the Staff page and get a spiffy p4.net email address if you want it.

Anyone interested please PM me with why you want it and what you would want your email to be and we can get you set up. Please take note, that a lot of you may be qualified for this position, and I cannot possibly hire everyone who wants it, so please don't be disappointed if you DONT get it.


P.S. Safe hunting in the realm

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