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Swindling Merchants

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Can there be an option to kill the merchants? I don't want to take items from the shop without paying, don't misunderstand.

Danger is very recurrent within the realm and almost every encounter is hostile. When I stop by the large chain posts to get my happy meal and refresh the juices of my mental power, I expect an honest exchange of goods and services. I pay in real gold. (It may have once been bloody, but I wash the stains and let it soak in a sanitized solution.) So here is my proposal

Add an extra function after the 'Quest' tab and call it 'Manager' to speak to management.

The manager will look at your receipt and determine if the transaction was in fact the employee's fault. (Consequences for lying obviously) The manager will then point his thief employee to the door. The next part involves a bit of beheading, sharpening of a stick, and forcing a staked head into the ground outside the shop. The number of heads piked outside the store can be a representation of how reliable the business is, and also serve as a corrective action for the remaining employees.

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