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So quick question , I know when I used to play WAY back in the day several people were using their own custom clients. Are they still around? Also I notice a lot of chatter on the HTML5 clients on the Phantasia5 website.. Did that actually roll out? and if so (even in beta) how would I be able to use that?

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Not sure that it is 100% done, but I've written a ncurses client. There are things I'd like to add to it (playing sounds for certain things and auto-rerolling stats); I've actually done the former but haven't taken the time to do it in a way that won't just work on my computer, so haven't pushed that yet.


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The HTML5 was abandoned in favor of a node.js client, that is the downloadable client you can use on Windows, Mac and Linux.

You need to implement a something that reads the phantasia server cookies so people have a machineID when logged into the game.

People on your client could get banned when someone else with no MachineID gets banned.

Can you show some screenshots of it? My Linux laptop is put away for the moment.


NVM this reminds me of Phantasia3

Index of /p3images (phantasia4.com)


Nice man.



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