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    Getting that P4 itch again, but unfortunately I bought a new computer with Win 10 and despite trying to fiddle with every permission in Java and every browser I can get my hands on, I'm unable to run the game. I do have an old work laptop that I haven't tried yet that I think has Capitan or Sierra. Am I out of luck until the new version?

    Hiya. Formerly played under Lisbeth and a variety of names. Played on and off for the past... jeez, 17 or so years? Looking forward to P5 and playing again!

    I guess this is more a question for Link, but would it be possible to have my old account name pm'ed to me? Tried Lisbeth and instantdecay, the two accounts I usually had it under. I can provide email/other details to prove it is indeed me.

    Oh, right. Blockers was messing with settings. Thanks! Got things up and running, but someone took the name Vyvanne :( None of my old characters/accounts are active, at least not that I can remember. Ah well.

    Hiya, Vyvanne here, formerly Lisbeth. Been itching to play again randomly, but it doesn't seem to load? Trying on both IE, Firefox, and Chrome (Chrome doesn't support old plugins so it won't work anyway iirc but tried anyway).