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Upon finding the grail, the player advances to the position of valar. A player will remain valar until another worthy Council member finds the grail, or until he dies.

Valars are essentially immortal, but are actually given three lives. If these are used up, the player is left to die, and becomes an ex-valar. An ex-valar has the same abilities as members of the council of the wise.

Valars are given command options that can be used any time but cost 25% of their maximum mana. They are:

valar powers

Smite - This functions like a king's curse, but is incredibly powerful. It reduces a player's energy, blinds, knocks off a cloak, gives an amazing amount of poison and removes a blessing. Save it for people you seriously dislike, as a smite often leads to death.

Degenerate - The target character permanently loses stats and equipment.

Relocate - Allows the valar to relocate an individual to specific coordinates within the realm. This ability will not transport someone into the area beyond the point of no return or affect characters already there.

Restore - This will heal a character and cure him/her of all ailments.

Bless - Any character this is cast upon will receive a blessing. This is not something to be taken lightly, however, as it costs one of the valar's lives to grant.

Proclaim - The next message sent by the valar will be heard in all the chat channels.